Is a Solar Water Heater Worth It?


Water heating is the second biggest household energy user (just after space heating and cooling). Approximately 25 per cent of the household energy use is due to hot water (for bathroom, laundry and kitchen use). Because of the sizable operating expenses (and the increasing utility bills), it’s really worth it to pay attention to the water heater you’ll use. Keep in mind that this will be an ongoing expense day in and day out. You have

Why Is The Water in My House Not Getting Hot?


Often hot water problems happen at the worst possible moment. Whether it’s a Monday morning when you’re preparing for work or a Friday evening when you really need to take a warm shower after a long exhausting day. One of those problems is that water seems not to be getting hot (seems it’s not working at all). It’s a huge hassle because you really need it at the moment. You want to get it fixed right

Is It The Right Time to Replace your Hot Water?


Perhaps you’re just waiting for the old tank to burn out and the entire hot water system to completely fail. After all you have to spend thousands of dollars for a new unit plus the installation (you might also have to think about retrofitting). However you might be spending more than is necessary each month because of the old hot water’s inefficiency. Keep in mind that at least 20% of your household energy use is due

Not Enough Hot Water? Here’s a Simple Troubleshooting Guide


A common water heater problem is that the gas or electric water heater doesn’t produce enough hot water (or it doesn’t produce at all especially during those crucial times you badly need it). It’s stressful and often it happens during early mornings or late evenings when it’s very inconvenient to call someone for help. Thankfully, you can do the simple inspections and troubleshooting on your own without relying on someone else. With this simple guide you

Here’s Why Choosing an Efficient Hot Water System is Important


The annual running costs of hot water could reach as high as $1,600. In certain months the bills might be lower but expect in cold winter months when the bills get really surprising. It’s especially the case in the use of electric hot water systems. After all, electricity won’t get cheaper anytime soon. The costs related to the burning of fuels and distributing the generated power will continue to rise for the next coming years. Also,

Saving Money on Hot Water Running Costs: Here’s How to Do It

15 / 10 / 2018

Costs: Here’s How to Do It Up to $1,600 each year go to paying for the running costs of a hot water system. Here in NSW, up to 30% of the total household energy use is just for the hot water. It’s no wonder why most of us focus on the energy usage of our hot water systems. After all, it takes a huge percentage of our monthly and annual energy bills. If we can just

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