How Do I Know If My Water Heater is Broken?


If the water is not hot enough, there are leaks, you hear some weird noises from the system and the water smells bad, these are signs that your water heater already requires repair or replacement. It could be because of a problem with the tank, gas fitting, electrical components or even the water supply itself. It’s best to contact a professional for these problems to ensure safety and function. Is my hot water already broken? Quality

How Do I Stop My Water Heater From Making Noise?


Sediments and debris often cause the noise in your water heater. As water boils, the bubbles disturb those particles and cause rattling and other kinds of noises. How do I stop my water heater from making noise? The solution here is to regularly remove the sediments and debris through flushing. Doing this will most likely do the trick. With the removal of those particles, there will be no objects to cause the noise in the first

How to Extend Your Hot Water System’s Lifespan


You should regularly inspect your water heater for leaks, cracks and wearing if you want your system to last longer (and also avoid expensive repairs). It’s also important to have the water heater undergo maintenance every 6 months and a major service each year. How to extend your hot water system’s lifespan When it comes to the annual major service, a qualified plumber should do this (you can call the company where you bought the water

Is An Old Water Heater Dangerous?


Hot water systems may last 10 to 20 years and that far exceeds the usual warranty of five years. However, old systems become inefficient or that you can get more value from modern units. These water heaters are usually more efficient or they have more built-in safety features. Is an old water heater dangerous? In most cases it’s still safe if it’s just about the lower efficiency or a tank leak. However, safety features might already

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heaters


Whether you’re buying your first one or you want to replace your old water heater, here are some questions and answers that might help you make a good choice or get the best value out of your money. FAQs about water heaters What’s the most efficient and economical hot water? As with most things, it depends. That’s because sites differ according to the availability of natural gas, roof space for solar, energy tariffs and other factors.

Low Hot Water Pressure Causes and Solutions

12 / 06 / 2021

Low hot water pressure can be incredibly inconvenient. When water doesn’t leave the faucet fast enough, or when water takes a long time to heat up, it can delay important tasks due to the time spent waiting for a standard supply to materialise. As with most defective appliances around the house, the longer you wait to fix low hot water pressure, the more expensive and time consuming the problem will become.  The cause of a low

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