Why is My Hot Water Inconsistent?


Perhaps the water coming out of your hot water system is sometimes too hot or too cold. The temperature fluctuates wildly and it’s totally unpredictable. This inconsistency could be a sign of a serious hot water problem. Why is my water heater inconsistent? For conventional water heaters (with tank), a common reason for the inconsistency is that the tank might not be big enough. Your hot water usage might be already exceeding your requirements such as

How Do I Get Rid of the Smell in My Water Heater?


Does the water smell like rotten eggs, you smell something burning or anything unusual? It could be because of the accumulated sediments and debris. And once the water and tank get hot, the sediments and debris will get hot too (this could be the burning smell). The burning smell might also be caused by faulty electrical components or leaks. If it smells like rotten eggs, it’s probably sulphur or hydrogen sulphide (usually caused by bacteria that

How Much Does It Cost to Replace My Electric Hot Water with Gas?


You might need a total of at least $2500 to replace your electric hot water with a gas type. That estimated total cost includes the price of the hot water itself and the labour costs for installation. However, that doesn’t include the potential need for minor demolition, renovation, repair, additional plumbing work or retrofitting to complete the hot water replacement. Replacing electric with gas This is practical because gas types have lower running costs than those

How Often Should You Service a Hot Water System


Continuous flow, electric, gas storage hot water as well as heat pumps usually require an annual service while solar-powered systems usually require servicing once every five years. What happens if you don’t service your hot water? Timely servicing is important because it will help you protect your warranty. A warranty only works if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the system’s use and maintenance. If a problem occurs, it will be the fault of the system

What is the Common Problem with Water Heaters?


Common problem is having leaks in the tank that eventually lead to corrosion and larger damages such as cracks. Other common problems are about the relief valves, water pressure, water supply, overheating and plumbing and electrical connections (e.g. the hot water doesn’t turn on at all). What is the common problem with water heaters? Sooner or later these problems appear and often at the most inconvenient moment. In those times you’ll notice the problem and instantly

How Do I Know If My Water Heater is Broken?


If the water is not hot enough, there are leaks, you hear some weird noises from the system and the water smells bad, these are signs that your water heater already requires repair or replacement. It could be because of a problem with the tank, gas fitting, electrical components or even the water supply itself. It’s best to contact a professional for these problems to ensure safety and function. Is my hot water already broken? Quality

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