When Should I Worry About My Water Heater? 


Some of the problem signs are:  Not enough hot water  Leaks  Weird noises  Foul-smelling water  Your hot water system is already 10 years old  Not enough hot water  Perhaps it’s now time to buy a water heater with a larger capacity. This way, there will be no problems even during simultaneous demand for hot water or peak use (everyone’s showering or someone is in the bathroom while the other one is using it for washing).  Leaks 

What Would Cause an Electric Water Heater to Stop Working? 


Electric water heaters stop working often because of:  Blown fuse  Tripped circuit breaker  Faulty thermostat  Malfunctioning heating element  Leaks in the pipe or storage tank  Water heater is undersized (water doesn’t get hot enough because supply doesn’t meet your demand)  Any of these problems can cause your electric water heater to malfunction. It’s important to call a hot water technician right away so that the problem won’t get worse. This way, the defect can still be

Should You Buy an Electric, Gas or Solar Water Heater? 


When choosing a hot water system, you should consider the water heater type (electric, gas or solar) and their upfront and running costs. This is one way to gain long-term savings and get the most out of your hot water system.  Electric, gas or solar?  Here’s a quick comparison among the three types:  Electric (cheapest to buy but with the highest running cost)  Gas (traditionally the most economical type because of the good balance between the

Repair and Maintenance of Solar Hot Water


Solar water heater repairs often happen because of the following:  Leaks from tanks and pipes  Solar collectors not working  Problem with the electrical components  Discoloured water  Not enough hot water or water is not hot enough  These problems are common and may happen from time to time. However, a good way to minimise their occurrence is by having the solar hot water undergo periodic inspection and maintenance. This task often checks the following parts, components and

Why Does My Solar Water Heater Suddenly Stop Working? 


If your solar hot water system suddenly stopped working, it might be because of a problem in any of the following: Power outlet and other electrical components  Water supply and pipes (e.g. clogs, corrosion)  External boosting system (gas or electric system)  Electronic controls  Circulation pump  Solar collector Storage tank  Controller  Valves  There are several potential problems and causes, which is why it’s important to contact a hot water specialist. This way, you’ll know the real problem

How Long Do Solar Water Heaters Last? 


Quality solar hot water systems can last for up to 20 years, compared to just around 10 years for gas and electric water heaters. In addition, you can save energy worth around $3,000 to $5,000 in the solar water heater’s lifetime.  About solar water heaters  Although they’re designed to be used with gas and electric systems, solar hot water heaters can cut your water heating energy costs by half. Further, it can also cut your carbon

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