Why Hot Water Runs Out Fast?


Often we blame the spouse or other people on why the shower’s cold or when the hot water runs out. It’s especially annoying in the early morning when you’re rushing out to prepare for work or business. Although we can’t let an early inconvenience ruin the whole day, it’s still a really bad start and might affect our mood until the evening. Why hot water runs out fast Before we blame anyone, we have to know

Is Solar Hot Water Worth It?


The sun’s energy is free and you can save money for years. However, the upfront cost of the unit and installation make us think twice whether to go for it. Before making a decision, it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits first. Benefits of using solar hot water Instead of electricity from the grid or fuel from the gas lines, the system uses free energy from the sun. The panels convert the solar energy into

Why Should You Still Choose a Gas Hot Water System?


Why choose a gas hot water system? What about electric, heat pump or solar? Let’s quickly answer those questions to help you save money and make a practical choice. Why should you still choose a gas hot water system? First, it’s cheaper than the electrical ones. Electricity costs rise nonstop which will make an impact on your monthly bills for years. Another reason is about the wasted time and heat. If you use an electric hot

What Do You Do When Your Hot Water Breaks?


First, you should turn off your water heater. This is to stop the further heating of the water and build-up of pressure. This way, you prevent the bursting that may happen because of too much pressure inside the tank and pipes. It’s also a way to protect the electrical or gas components from overloading or fires. What do you do when your hot water breaks? The next step is to turn off the water supply. Hot

Why Does My New Hot Water Keep Tripping the Breaker


It could be a bad thermostat, a burnt heating element, an issue with the breaker or water from a leak is touching the electrical lines. Whichever is the cause, you should contact a licensed electrician because any electrical problem with the hot water is dangerous. But it’s a new unit Well, perhaps it’s because of the faulty installation or the water heater’s thermostat has a defect in the first place. If it’s because of faulty installation,

How Likely Is It For a Water Heater to Explode


An actual explosion is unlikely. But it’s still possible for the hot water system to “burst” because of the pressure build-up. Somehow the pressure should be released and if the pressure relief valve malfunctions, the result is a burst which could damage your home or injure anyone nearby. How likely is it for a water heater to explode Hot water tanks from reputable brands can withstand high temperatures and pressures. These tanks are designed to endure

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