Bosch Hot Water Prices

German manufacturer Bosch was established in 1907, and they are well known for their innovation in water heating as well as their uncompromising commitment to quality. Their product offering includes the OptiFlow and HydroPower range, both of which feature the latest technologies to help save you money and improve environmental outcomes. They also have traditional electric hot water storage options, heat pumps and mechanical ignition gas hot water systems. Bosch is one of the leading brands for hot water systems in Australia, you can expect your Bosch system to last many years.

Bosch OptiFlow

The OptiFlow range is the latest range from Bosch, offering a continuous flow of hot water all year round. Systems in this range have achieved a 6-star energy efficiency rating, and some of them also have Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to control them with your smartphone or tablet. These systems are designed for the harsh Australian climate, as they intelligently adapt to changing environmental conditions. They are remarkably efficient, as they are equipped with “Easy Minimum Technology” and a patented Combustion Management System to help you achieve maximum energy savings whilst still ensuring a reliable flow of hot water.

Bosch HydroPower

A great new way to save money on your electricity bill, HydroPower combines fire and water to help you save on your electricity bill. These systems do not require batteries, external power points or standing pilot lights as they rely on the flow of water to ignite the burner.

Bosch Tronic 1000T Electric Storage

Electric storage systems are still very popular due to their affordable price and ease of replacement. The Tronic 1000T from Bosch is a great choice, as it features a durable vitreous enamel lining for excellent durability. The slim design models are available in either 80L or 125L for smaller spaces, whilst full size models vary in size between 80L and 400L.


Bosch also manufacture commercial water heaters, which are specifically designed for daily use and the high demands of a commercial environment. Select from continuous flow systems, or opt for the classic storage systems.

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