Rinnai Hot Water Repairs

Since the early 1990s Rinna hot water systems have been a constant presence in the Australian market. It’s no wonder why this is happening because Rinnai hot water units have been known for their performance and longevity. Customers gain peace of mind knowing that Rinnai is the brand of their water heater.

Those customers also gain peace of mind whenever the NSW Hot Water team performs the repairs during occasional breakdowns. A high-performance unit requires professional hands and that’s what we give here at NSW Hot Water. Our team of hot water specialists (consisting of licensed plumbers, gas fitters and electricians) promptly fixes the issue and makes the unit running perfectly and efficiently again as soon as possible.

Rinnai hot water repairs

Our team has gained mastery through the years on various Rinnai products including electric and gas storage units, Infinity and Hotflo 10. Whether it’s an instantaneous system or a storage one, we have the right skills and tools to get the job done.

Whether it’s a leak in the tank or connections, a problem in the circuit board or electrical connections or an issue in the heating element, heat exchanger and thermostat, our hot water specialists can get to the root of the problem and fix it right away. In worst-case scenarios we can even put a temporary replacement to somehow ease the situation.

It’s true that the Infinity range uses the latest technologies in hot water operation. But due to wear and tear and a few anomalies, sometimes the water heater breaks down (and often during the time you needed it the most). Our team will always be ready for those scenarios and we do our best so you won’t encounter the same problem again anytime soon.

Rinnai residential and commercial hot water repairs

Rinnai products have a comprehensive parts and labour warranty which give customers peace of mind in case of breakdowns. We can perform those warranty repairs and strictly follow the manufacturer’s specifications so that the unit will be properly repaired.

We have experience in both residential and commercial settings and our team of licensed plumbers, electricians and gas fitters understand the standards and requirements in various establishments. We’ve become the go-to source when it comes to repairing hot water units and because of our technical knowledge and compliance to Australian standards, many clients place their confidence on us. Contact us today here at NSW Hot Water (phone us on 02 9722 4500) if you want to gain peace of mind and ensure your hot water will be working properly again in no time.