Rheem Hot Water Prices

Rheem is a household name in Australia, and they have been producing quality hot water systems for Australian families since 1939. Consumers can select from solar, gas or electric as well as continuous flow, heat pump or storage. If you want a reliable and steady stream of hot water 365 days a year, Rheem Hot Water systems are a great choice. Rheem manufacture products for both the domestic and commercial market, so there’s a system to suit all needs.

Electric Storage

Rheem electric storage systems are a popular and affordable choice. There are a wide range of sizes available, including compact models which can be used in small spaces. These systems can be used during off-peak times, enabling you to save money on your electric bill.

RheemPlus and Rheemglas systems come with a 7-year warranty, whilst Rheem Stellar comes with a 10 year warranty. Those looking for the best should opt for the Rheem Stellar, as these models have achieved class leading efficiency ratings and some are made from stainless steel for added durability and easy installation.

Gas Storage

Gas storage has become more popular in recent years, and Rheem mains pressure heaters will deliver a constant flow of hot water at a moments notice. Select from the 4 star or 5 star gas range, or opt for the high-end Rheem Stellar model. Some gas cylinders are made from Vitreous enamel for exceptional durability.


Rheem has a solution for households looking to switch to solar. Harvest the energy of the sun with a Rheem collector on your roof or on the ground. These systems help to save space and reduce emissions, you may also be eligible for government incentives.

Continuous Flow Gas

Rheem continuous flow systems have achieved an energy efficiency rating of 7 stars. These systems have a capacity of 24L/minute, making them ideal for all types of properties. Incredibly compact and exceptionally durable, these systems are a great choice for those looking for an aesthetically appealing water heater that will deliver hot water on demand, without the need for storage.

Rheem Hot Water

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