Vulcan Hot Water Repairs

Vulcan hot water repairs

Vulcan is all about quality, affordability and performance. Perhaps those are the reasons why you chose Vulcan in the first place. Their gas and electric hot water systems are up to standards and they have built a strong brand through the years. When you need something to count on, Vulcan is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to hot water.

With the best materials available and using tried and tested technologies, Vulcan hot water units are able to deliver the needed hot water reliably while doing so efficiently. The units also last long because there are no vulnerable points. Every point speaks of quality and performance. For example, the hot water cylinders are made from a high strength steel material. As a result, these cylinders are perfect in storing hot water at various temperatures and heating cycle pressures. In addition, the electric and gas units are made for the harsh Australian climate. It’s widely known now that Vulcan is about reliability when you need it the most.

However, Vulcan hot water systems are still not exempted from natural wear and tear. Parts eventually wear out and the heating systems lose their efficiency through the years (although there’s the warranty to cover that). But even with the longevity and warranty, it’s still a huge hassle whenever the hot water breaks down.

You can phone us at (02) 9722 4500 if you require a fast hot water service. The NSW Hot Water team will be quick to respond and get to the root cause. We bring the essential tools to repair the unit right on the spot so that the hot water will be running perfectly again. In worst case scenarios we can install a temporary replacement so that you can still have the hot water you need for the day.

Whether it’s a problem on the cylinder, the heating system or the gas and electrical connections, our team can quickly fix it and make sure you won’t encounter the same problem again anytime soon. Our work is 100% compliant with the Australian standards and all relevant codes and legislations. Our licensed plumbers, gas fitters and electricians undergo regular training to keep themselves updated with the latest safety and performance standards.

We offer 24/7 emergency service for hot water repairs. We can send a technician to your site right away so that your hot water will get fixed as soon as possible.