Heat Pump Hot Water Prices

Heat pump hot water systems are a viable alternative to solar as well as traditional gas and electric hot water systems. Whilst they still require the use of electricity to drive the pump, they are approximately 5 times more efficient than traditional electric water heaters.  Heat pump systems use a heat exchange system to transfer ambient air. The air is combined with a refrigerant, and it is used to heat the water stored within the cylinder. Most of these units are integrated, which means the tank and compressor are located together, although some brands offer a split option.

Heat pumps are most commonly used in warm and temperate areas, although recent developments have also made them viable for cold climates. Unlike solar, there is no need for unsightly panels which take up space on the roof and are susceptible to hail damage. Heat pumps are particularly popular with families looking to reduce their electricity bill and greenhouse gas emissions.  The average household of around 4 people should consider a tank size of between 270L and 315L to ensure an adequate supply of hot water. It may also be possible to fit a heat pump to your existing tank, allowing you to reduce the cost of upgrading to this innovative product.

Many heat pump installations are eligible for government rebates, and in some cases this can make them cheaper to install than a regular electric storage unit. NSW Hot Water carry heat pump systems from all the leading brands, there is a model to suit every need.

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