Instantaneous Hot Water Heater Prices

For those who demand an endless supply of hot water, an instantaneous system is the right choice. These systems enable you to save vast amounts of energy and money, all whilst providing you with a constant flow of hot water that is heated on demand. These systems do not require the use of large storage tanks.  No one wants to experience a cold shower, and there’s no need to worry when you have an instantaneous hot water system installed.

You can make significant savings on your energy bill, as unlike traditional gas systems the burner only runs when you are using hot water. These systems are also ideal for small houses and apartments, as the units are compact in size as well as aesthetically appealing. They can be installed either on a wall or even inside of a cupboard. They can be run on either LPG or natural gas, making them very versatile. They are also designed to last. Whilst traditional tank heaters are only designed to last around 12 years at most, it is not uncommon for an instantaneous hot water system to last up to 20 years.

Instantaneous systems also deliver cleaner and fresher water, as there is no risk for contamination due to their tankless design. Instantaneous systems come in a range of different flow rates to suit different family needs. Standard units may experience reduced pressure when you turn on more than one tap, but premium models allow higher flow rates. Instantaneous hot water systems are ideal for households with 3 or less people. NSW Hot Water carries a range of both electric and gas instantaneous hot water systems from leading brands such as Rinnai and Bosch. There is a model to suit all needs.

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