Quantum Hot Water Repairs

Quantum hot water repairs

It started in the mid 1970s when people realised there’s a need for efficient and practical way of heating water. Extensive research work was done by the University of Melbourne to develop an innovative heat pump technology built for Australia’s harsh and challenging climate. It was a success and until now the core of that technology is now being of use not just in Australia but also in New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

For 30+ years Quantum has never stopped improving and developing. Their innovative solar heat pumps have allowed people to enjoy the hot water at lower energy costs without compromising their lifestyles. The efficient production of hot water has also helped lower the greenhouse gas emissions and utility bills. Also, the reliability and longevity of the Quantum solar heat pumps has made people save a lot of money for many years.

However, there are still times when the system fails (although in many cases it might just be because of the connections and not the heat pump itself). The parts still deteriorate or wear out through time and this is to be expected in hot water systems no matter the brand.

The malfunctions often happen though at the most inconvenient time, which is why here at NSW Hot Water we can send a technician right away and try to fix the problem right on the spot. In worst-case scenarios we can install a temporary replacement unit to somehow reduce the interruption in your home or business.

Whether it’s a problem with the storage tank, collector panels, tubes, connections and the electric booster (this is to cover up for lack of solar energy), our experienced hot water specialists (licensed plumbers, electricians and gas fitters) can find the root cause of the problem and fix it right away.

Quantum hot water parts replacement and repair

Everyone wants to get the most value out of their money and everyone wants to delay a new purchase as much as possible. If the malfunction is just minor and can be fixed right away, it’s always better to opt for the repairs than completely replacing the solar heat pump.

Our team always has the available parts to replace the defective ones. We always try to control the costs so that the repair expenses will still be worth it compared to buying a new unit. We also make sure that the parts installed or the repaired component will last long so that you won’t encounter the same problem again anytime soon.

Contact us here at NSW Hot Water if you want to make your eco-friendly Quantum hot water working perfectly again. You can phone us at (02) 9722 4500 and we can send a technician to your site right away.