What to Do When Hot Water is Not Working


If your hot water doesn’t work, you can do the following:  For gas water heater:  Check for gas leaks  Check the pilot light (relight it if it’s off)  See if the gas supply switch is turned off or damaged already  For electric hot water:  Restart your water heater  See if the thermostat works properly  Look if there any blown fuses (replace them if necessary)  Check if there’s a problem with the wiring and electrical connections  If

How Do I Choose a Heat Pump Water Heater? 


To choose the right heat pump water heater for your home, you should consider the following:  Your area’s climate  Your household’s hot water requirements  Electricity tariffs and rates in your area  About climate  Before buying a heat pump hot water, you should first consider your area’s climate. That’s because in general heat pumps work most efficiently in warmer climates. Heat pumps need the heat from their surroundings to get the water hot (they draw in the

Heat Pump Water Heater Pros and Cons


Heat pump water heaters have lower running costs than conventional hot water systems. However, those with heat pumps have higher upfront costs (they have higher installation and purchase prices).  How heat pumps save energy  Heat pumps have lower running costs because instead of generating heat, they move heat from one place to another. We can think of it as heat pumps extracting heat from their surroundings and using that to heat the water we need.  In

My Shower Water Doesn’t Get Hot, Why?


Perhaps there’s something wrong with your hot water’s temperature control. It could also be because of a burned out element (if it’s an electric water heater). Another reason is that the dip tube might have already deteriorated (which makes the cold water go directly to the hot water feed pipe instead of going to the burner to be heated).  Other reasons  To confirm the source of the problem, you can start by turning on every tap

Why Would the Hot Water Randomly Stop Working?


If your hot water stopped working all of a sudden, it could be because of a malfunction in the power supply or fuel source (could include the electrical components and gas supply and connections). Another potential reason is a failed heating element or burner. As a result, the water heater doesn’t work or fails to turn on in the first place.  What are the root causes?  Why did those parts or components fail? It could be

Why is My Hot Water Inconsistent?


Perhaps the water coming out of your hot water system is sometimes too hot or too cold. The temperature fluctuates wildly and it’s totally unpredictable. This inconsistency could be a sign of a serious hot water problem. Why is my water heater inconsistent? For conventional water heaters (with tank), a common reason for the inconsistency is that the tank might not be big enough. Your hot water usage might be already exceeding your requirements such as

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