Why Are Tankless Water Heaters Expensive to Install


Switching to a tankless water heater from the traditional storage type is costly because of the needed retrofit and upgrade. Perhaps the entire plumbing should be retrofitted or the gas and electrical lines should be upgraded to raise the capacity. Will the switch be worth it? Going tankless means saving space and energy. Because of how they work, tankless water heaters (also called instantaneous or continuous flow hot water) are more energy efficient because they only

Is My Water Heater About to Fail?


An old water heater might fail anytime and at the most unexpected moment (e.g. when you’re about to prepare for work early in the morning or after an exhausting day when your patience is really low). As a result, it’s crucial to watch out for the signs before that inevitable breakdown. Is my water heater about to fail In general, it’s recommended to replace a water heater that’s already running for 10 years. Aside from its

Does My House Need More Than One Water Heater?


It’s a question of whether a single hot water system is already enough to supply your entire household’s needs even during peak use. For example, a small gas storage or a continuous flow system (instantaneous) is already enough for a small household with just one or two persons. For medium-sized households (3 or 4 people), gas systems or heat pumps are often recommended. For large households (with 5 or more occupants), two or more gas storage

Is a Gas Water Heater Better Than Electric?


Almost half of water heaters in Australia are gas water heaters. They’re more cost-effective than the electric types because electricity costs are not getting any lower. Furthermore, our awareness about energy consumption and costs drive the decisions of households for choosing gas water heaters. Is a gas water heater better than electric? The more appropriate question might be: Is a gas water heater more economical than electric given your requirements and prevailing conditions? After all, we’ll

What Causes Hot Water to Stop Working?


It could be because of power or fuel issues (either the energy source or the connections), defective heating elements or heat exchangers, a failing thermostat or a huge leak in the piping or tank. In most cases the hot water issue can still be repaired but in some a full replacement might be necessary. For instance, a huge rust build-up in the tank is difficult or impossible to fix and may often require replacement of the

How to Make My Water Heater Last Longer?


Timely maintenance and inspections can make your hot water last longer for a few more years. For instance, sediments, leaks and drips are making the water heater work harder which then increases energy costs, produces less hot water and damages the water heater’s components and parts. It’s true there are times when we need to replace the old hot water with a more modern and energy-efficient unit. However, as much as possible we need to delay

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