Are Thermann Hot Water Systems Good? 

20 / 12 / 2023

Thermann hot water systems have made a significant impact in the Australian market (500,000+ units already installed), known for their efficient, reliable and innovative solutions. But how do they stack up against other well-known brands like Rheem, Rinnai and Bosch? Let’s carry out a comparative analysis. 

Thermann hot water systems 

Thermann has established itself as a fast-growing brand in Australia and New Zealand. It is appreciated for its straightforward approach, featuring proven technology at affordable prices, solid warranties and industry-leading after-sales service. Its product range includes continuous flow, storage, solar and heat pump systems, manufactured by established companies in Germany, China, the USA and Dux in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions. 

One of Thermann’s standout products is the 6-Star continuous flow system. It boasts a 6-Star energy efficiency rating, a 12-year warranty and features like operation at low water pressure and a compact controller for temperature settings in different areas of the home. 

Thermann vs. other brands 

When compared with other leading brands, Thermann holds its own, especially in terms of features, functionality, performance and design. However, it was rated three stars for value for money and overall satisfaction, which is an area where it may lag behind its competitors. 

Rheem hot water systems 

Rheem, established in 1939, offers a wide range of gas and electric storage, continuous flow, solar and heat pump systems. It is known for its tough, reliable systems suitable for both residential and commercial applications. 

Rinnai Hot water systems 

Rinnai provides a versatile and energy-efficient range covering residential and commercial needs. Its offerings include continuous flow, gas and electric storage, heat pump and solar-powered systems. The brand is known for its sturdy construction and variety of options for different applications. 

Bosch water heating 

A global giant with over 100 years in appliance production, Bosch offers a selection of high flow commercial instant hot water systems and environmentally friendly heat pump units, among others. Its products are known for reduced energy usage and efficient performance. 

Making a smart choice 

While Thermann stands out for its innovative features and efficient systems, brands like Rheem, Rinnai and Bosch offer their unique advantages. Rheem is renowned for its reliability, Rinnai for its energy efficiency and versatility, and Bosch for its environmental friendliness and technological innovation. When choosing a hot water system, it’s crucial to consider these aspects alongside specific needs like capacity, energy rating and intended use.