When Should I Worry About My Water Heater? 

21 / 03 / 2023

Some of the problem signs are: 

  • Not enough hot water 
  • Leaks 
  • Weird noises 
  • Foul-smelling water 
  • Your hot water system is already 10 years old 

Not enough hot water 

Perhaps it’s now time to buy a water heater with a larger capacity. This way, there will be no problems even during simultaneous demand for hot water or peak use (everyone’s showering or someone is in the bathroom while the other one is using it for washing). 


This is a serious problem which can lead to total water heater failure. Whether it’s a leak at the tank, pipes or screws, the leak should be fixed or sealed immediately. Aside from wasting water, fuel or electricity, these leaks can be a safety hazard or lead to water damage (accumulation of water in floors and further spills). Whether it’s because of corrosion or loose connections, leaks should be immediately fixed by a hot water professional. 

Weird noises in the hot water system 

It could be because of sediment or debris inside the system. These particles can cause wear and tear to the different parts of the water heater. It’s good to remove those particles by draining the tank so that they can come out. If the noise is still there even after draining and using the water heater again, a professional should inspect the system. Or if you need help with draining the hot water, you can also hire a professional to do that for you. 

Foul-smelling water 

Rust and bacteria might have already built up in the hot water system. It might also be because of the water supply (water heater might be working perfectly fine). If the water stinks and you can’t figure out exactly why, ask a professional to pinpoint the problem. Sometimes, it can be hard to know where the problem is coming from because you might have already gotten used to the smell or you’re not sure whether the water supply is actually at fault here. 

Your water heater is old 

If it’s more than 10 years old already, you might want to replace it with something new or more efficient. Through the years of wear and tear, your hot water might start to fail at times. The repair costs and inconveniences can quickly add up. Issues might be more frequent now and there might even be times when the hot water malfunctions when you need it the most. 

For those kinds of problems, it helps if you contact a hot water technician right away. This way, you’ll know the exact causes and also protect yourself from harm. This is also a practical way to prolong your hot water’s lifetime.