Why Does My Solar Water Heater Suddenly Stop Working? 

22 / 11 / 2022

If your solar hot water system suddenly stopped working, it might be because of a problem in any of the following:

  • Power outlet and other electrical components 
  • Water supply and pipes (e.g. clogs, corrosion) 
  • External boosting system (gas or electric system) 
  • Electronic controls 
  • Circulation pump 
  • Solar collector
  • Storage tank 
  • Controller 
  • Valves 

There are several potential problems and causes, which is why it’s important to contact a hot water specialist. This way, you’ll know the real problem and immediately get the solar water heater working perfectly again. 

Other reasons solar hot water doesn’t work 

Aside from problems about the system’s parts and components, other potential reasons for the malfunction could be about: 

  • Excess surface dirt (solar panels can’t collect enough solar energy) 
  • Improper installation (e.g. poor pipe connectivity) 
  • Freezing (water can’t flow in the first place) 
  • Wrong settings of digital controllers 
  • Leaks 

Repairing those problems requires troubleshooting electronic components as well as working on heights. The do-it-yourself approach might not work here especially when severe corrosion has already taken place or there’s potential danger on the site (e.g. electrical hazard, solar collectors are too high). 

Prevent problems and make your solar hot water last longer 

To prevent problems and make your solar hot water last longer, it helps to do the following: 

  • Check for corrosion 
  • Flush out water from the tank each year 
  • Regularly check for leaks on the tank and pipes 
  • Regularly clean off the dirt and dust on the solar panels and collectors 
  • Have the water heater undergo periodic inspection and maintenance (especially on the wires and other electrical components) 

With timely and proper maintenance, you can make your solar hot water last for up to 20 years and somehow maintain its performance and efficiency. 

Whether it’s solar water heater maintenance, inspection or repair, you can contact us here at NSW Hot Water. We will do a full inspection on the system and check the solar, electrical and plumbing components of the hot water.