Why Is The Water in My House Not Getting Hot?

14 / 02 / 2019

Often hot water problems happen at the worst possible moment. Whether it’s a Monday morning when you’re preparing for work or a Friday evening when you really need to take a warm shower after a long exhausting day.

One of those problems is that water seems not to be getting hot (seems it’s not working at all). It’s a huge hassle because you really need it at the moment. You want to get it fixed right away but you still have to call and wait for a technician to arrive.

What can you do yourself?

But before you can call the technician there are a few things you could do to perhaps make the hot water working good again. For example, you can first switch the electric hot water breaker back on if it has tripped (or someone switched it off without your knowledge maybe because of a recent repair). After switching it back up, it will take some time for the hot water to be fully functional (for the water to be heated according to the settings). The problem there was the electrical supply or connection itself.

For gas hot water, the problem might be in the gas supply. The gas supplier might have turned off the supply due to repairs, emergencies or other similar reasons. There are cases when the problem is not on the hot water but on the things that connect to it (electrical or gas). For instance, there might be a gas leak (e.g. something’s wrong with the gas control valve) and that leak might be responsible for the hot water not to work (not to mention that it’s potentially dangerous and hazardous).

Why is the water in my house not getting hot?

There are also cases when there’s a significant heat loss as the hot water travels from tank and through the pipes. This happens when there’s a temperature drop outdoors and instead of the heat being retained in the water, the heat dissipates or escapes. The problem then here is about the insulation (call a qualified specialist to put or replace insulation).

If you want to gain peace of mind and you want someone professional to inspect your hot water, you can contact us here at NSW Hot Water. We have qualified specialists (licensed plumbers, gas fitters and electricians) who can properly inspect and repair your hot water system. We can even place a temporary replacement unit so you can have something to use immediately.