Why is My Hot Water Inconsistent?

02 / 05 / 2022

Perhaps the water coming out of your hot water system is sometimes too hot or too cold. The temperature fluctuates wildly and it’s totally unpredictable. This inconsistency could be a sign of a serious hot water problem.

Why is my water heater inconsistent?

For conventional water heaters (with tank), a common reason for the inconsistency is that the tank might not be big enough. Your hot water usage might be already exceeding your requirements such as when too many people are using the shower at the same time (or all taps that use hot water are all running). The system can’t keep up which is why the water might not get hot enough. If this is the case, perhaps it’s time for you to replace your old water heater with something bigger.

For tankless water heaters, the problem could be about the water pressure. It might be too low and as a result, the heating mechanism shuts down. Often there’s a minimum flow rate to activate the heating and for the entire hot water to function properly. To fix this, you have to call a plumber to check the water pressure. Also, it’s important to maintain that minimum required flow rate even if too many taps or showers are open at the same time (this scenario can decrease flow rate).

Sediments, corrosion and leaks might also be at fault here. They can cause the heating elements, pipes and tanks to deteriorate and get less efficient. The system will work harder to compensate and try to achieve the set temperature. This may result in fluctuations or worse, the wear and tear might cause serious damage to the hot water.

If you want to prevent that potentially expensive problem and ensure consistent water temperature levels, contact us here at NSW Hot Water. We will pinpoint the cause of the inconsistency and find a way to bring back the hot water’s high performance.