Why is My Hot Water Cloudy?

16 / 03 / 2021

If the water becomes clear within a minute, most likely the cloudiness is just from the countless small air bubbles caused that are coming out (build-up of pressure inside the pipes and tanks makes more gas molecules dissolved in water, but as the pressure gets lower and the water gets released, those gas molecules “un-dissolve” and they come out as bubbles). This is often harmless and nothing to worry about.

When to worry

However, if it still remains cloudy no matter how long you wait, the water could be contaminated. There might be a problem with the tank, pipes, hot water system or even the entire water supply. As a result, it’s also good to check the other taps and water outlets if they all release cloudy water (and they don’t become clear even after a few minutes).

Perhaps the water only gets partially clear after some waiting. This can also be a sign of contamination and you must have a plumber to pinpoint the problem and cause. Dirty water and substances might be coming into your water pipes through holes and leaks. This is unsanitary and not only causes damage to your hot water and property, but also causes harm to the occupants’ health.

Aside from leaks, the contamination might also result from the maintenance work being done by the water utility. It’s also good to contact them so that you’ll know immediately that there’s no problem you have to fix and you just have to wait. Another potential contamination source is corrosion in the pipes or tank. Some of that corrosion (which converts the metal material often into rust and other particles) might come along with the water every time you open the tap or hot water. Those particles and substances might then react with chlorine and others that are already found in the original water supply. They’re the ones that might be causing the cloudiness or turbidity of the water.

In all of those cases, it’s always good to contact a plumber or hot water technician to figure out the problem and solve it. Even with the slightest suspicion and doubt, the problem should be immediately inspected by the professional. This way, you avoid worse problems especially when it comes to contamination and health risks. It’s also a good way of ensuring the quality of the water you use whether it’s for drinking, preparing food, washing or showering.