Why Hot Water Runs Out Fast?

14 / 07 / 2020

Often we blame the spouse or other people on why the shower’s cold or when the hot water runs out. It’s especially annoying in the early morning when you’re rushing out to prepare for work or business. Although we can’t let an early inconvenience ruin the whole day, it’s still a really bad start and might affect our mood until the evening.

Why hot water runs out fast

Before we blame anyone, we have to know that the problem is in the water heater itself. It could be because of a leak, a tripping circuit breaker, sediment or corrosion. These reasons lower the reliability, consistency and efficiency of the water heater. As a result, hot water runs out fast or even just five or 10 minutes it becomes a cold shower already.

Another potential reason is that the supply can’t keep up with the demand. With simultaneous uses that exceed the unit’s capacity, the water won’t be hot enough for our requirements. Here it’s important then that we buy a higher-capacity water heater. Scheduling and alternating the use might also work but this could be inconvenient especially if everyone in the household is rushing in the morning.

To solve the problem of hot water running out so fast, we could do a repair or a new purchase and installation. For example, the leak should be repaired quickly to avoid waste and bring back some of the system’s high efficiency. Electrical connections should also be repaired to ensure reliable and consistent flow of energy (e.g. a tripping breaker or faulty wiring disrupts heating in the tank). Sediments and corrosion should also be cleared up so that most of the energy will actually go to heating the water (here some parts and components might be replaced).

In case of a new installation, it’s crucial to choose a system with enough capacity that matches your current and immediate future demand (especially if you have a growing household). It’s also important to choose a type of hot water system that will help you gain upfront and long-term savings. For instance, a solar water heater might save you money in the long run. But if sunlight is not enough in your area, it could be paired with a gas boosted system. You’ll also have to consider if fuel is easily available there and if it might still make more sense to go electric.

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