Why Does My New Hot Water Keep Tripping the Breaker

12 / 03 / 2020

It could be a bad thermostat, a burnt heating element, an issue with the breaker or water from a leak is touching the electrical lines. Whichever is the cause, you should contact a licensed electrician because any electrical problem with the hot water is dangerous.

But it’s a new unit

Well, perhaps it’s because of the faulty installation or the water heater’s thermostat has a defect in the first place. If it’s because of faulty installation, it’s the fault of the technician. It’s also possible that the breaker’s installation and make is not up to the required standards.

Take note that hot water systems require huge amounts of electricity to run (any appliance that has something to do with heating or cooling eats a lot of energy). As a result, the Do-It-Yourself way won’t be enough. Technical expertise is required here because of the high electricity requirements. In addition, water coming into contact with electrical lines is always bad news. There’s that risk of electrocution and even a potential fire.

Many people make the mistake of just flipping the breaker again and again. We’re used to turning something off and on (restarting) and then it starts working well. It’s totally different with water heaters and breakers. First, this could wear out the breaker and even further damage your new hot water. Second, it could overheat the wires involved (and even result in a fire). Another mistake that people make (including inexperienced electricians) is they just increase the breaker size without replacing the wiring. The entire system is already compromised so it’s just smart to replace the wiring and ensure safety and smooth electricity flow.

What about repair costs, will it be expensive? Yes it’s a new hot water and perhaps there’s some part of you that resist spending money again too soon. But it could get a lot more expensive if the whole water heater gets damaged or a fire broke out. Also, you will have trouble sleeping because the problem is not yet dealt with.

If you call a licensed electrician with expertise in hot water systems, the professional will pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and make sure you won’t encounter the same issue anytime soon. You will then gain peace of mind about the safe use of your hot water whenever you need it.