What to Do When Hot Water is Not Working

21 / 09 / 2022

If your hot water doesn’t work, you can do the following: 

For gas water heater: 

  • Check for gas leaks 
  • Check the pilot light (relight it if it’s off) 
  • See if the gas supply switch is turned off or damaged already 

For electric hot water: 

  • Restart your water heater 
  • See if the thermostat works properly 
  • Look if there any blown fuses (replace them if necessary) 
  • Check if there’s a problem with the wiring and electrical connections 

If you can’t pinpoint the problem, you should contact a hot water professional. This way, you’ll know the exact problem and root cause. Also, you’ll be able to prevent worse and more expensive problems from happening. 

What if you only get cold water? 

In this case, your water heater might still be functioning well. However, the system might not be big enough to meet your requirements (especially during peak use). It’s too small and it can’t keep up with the outgoing demand for hot water (especially if you have a big household). 

Other water heater issues might be caused by: 

  • Leaks at the tank and/or pipework joints 
  • Low water pressure 
  • Problem with fuel or electricity 

Any of those can make your hot water malfunction or totally fail (deliver only cold water or do nothing at all). You can quickly check the problem if it’s any one of those reasons. However, if the problem is severe already (such as when the pipework and tank are already heavily corroded), it’s time to call a professional. 

A major repair or total replacement might be necessary. If your hot water frequently fails, the cost of repairs might not be worth it because anytime your system might still malfunction (or totally break down). If this is the case, consider replacing the entire system preferably with a more efficient one. This way, you can actually save money each month in gas or electricity costs (especially if in your area it’s appropriate to install a solar power system or heat pump). 

Having a new hot water system will also give you peace of mind because you know that you can always count on your water heater (especially during early mornings or late evenings). You’ll also spare yourself from the inconvenience because the system will always work as expected.