What is the Common Problem with Water Heaters?

16 / 12 / 2021

Common problem is having leaks in the tank that eventually lead to corrosion and larger damages such as cracks. Other common problems are about the relief valves, water pressure, water supply, overheating and plumbing and electrical connections (e.g. the hot water doesn’t turn on at all).

What is the common problem with water heaters?

Sooner or later these problems appear and often at the most inconvenient moment. In those times you’ll notice the problem and instantly you worry if the hot water is still safe to use. It’s especially the case when there are significant leaks or if the water smells bad or appears unusual.

If you’ve noticed any problem or any small signs of a possible issue, it’s crucial to call a professional right away. Although most likely it’s only a minor problem with a quick fix, there’s still that tiny possibility that it could get dangerous (e.g. gas leaks, the tank blowing up because of too much pressure). Also, you want to prevent worse and costly problems which might lead to total replacement of your hot water system.

Another common problem

This happens slowly and gradually because you won’t instantly notice that the water is not that hot as it was when the water heater was just a few weeks old. It’s almost impossible to notice that the temperature has already dropped by one or two degrees Celsius. But if the drop is already at 10 degrees Celsius or more, you’ll notice that the water is not hot enough for your requirements. 

It could be a problem with the thermostat or the heating element has already lost some of its power and efficiency. It’s also possible that there’s simultaneous use of the hot water in the household. In this case, the system is already undersized for your regular usage. It might be time to buy an additional hot water or totally replace what you have right now.

Water heater problems will appear sooner or later even if you have the best-quality system. It’s the natural result of wear and tear, a small defect with a component or a problem with the plumbing and electrical connection in the first place. Whichever is the case, immediately you should contact a professional to attend to the problem.