What Causes a Hot Water to Leak from the Bottom?

13 / 01 / 2021

It could be because of the corroded tank or loose attachment and corrosion on the temperature and pressure relief valve. Water always finds its way out if there’s an opportunity and often, that opportunity gets bigger and worse (especially when it comes to the hot water’s efficiency, the available hot water for use and your monthly energy bills).

What causes a hot water to leak from the bottom?

Leaks naturally happen no matter how careful we are and no matter how expensive the hot water is. That’s because water heaters are made of connecting parts that introduce opportunities for water to come out. Also, there’s corrosion which is a natural and lifetime enemy. It only needs a bit of metal, water and oxygen to do its work and it has all the time in the world to cause damage to our tanks.

It’s important then to inspect your hot water system and tank from time to time. There’s that saying that a small leak and sink a huge ship. It’s somehow the same with our water heaters because leaks always get worse and cause a lot of damage. For example, the flooding and water damage can ruin the floors, walls and ceilings (plus the mould growth and unsanitary problems that come with it).

To prevent those costly problems, a prompt inspection as well as an urgent repair is a must. This is important in preventing worse problems (leaks getting bigger and flooding the floors) and also prolonging the useful lifetime of the hot water unit. Even with the included 10-year warranty on the cylinder or tank, it’s still good to promptly inspect the unit and have it repaired. This is to minimise the inconvenience especially if your household regularly uses the hot water.

When it comes to hot water inspection and servicing, you can always count on us 24/7 for emergency call outs here at NSW Hot Water. Rest assured that all our work is 100% compliant to the Australian Standards and all relevant codes and legislations. Contact us today for a prompt hot water inspection and repair.