Should You Replace the Hot Water by Yourself?

16 / 11 / 2020

Surely you can figure it out if you spend enough time and attention to the task. But, should you just be doing something else like focusing on your work or home living? Also, the hot water replacement and new installation may take more than just a weekend. You know it’s urgent and you want to make sure there will be no problems.

Should you replace the hot water by yourself?

You also have to know the ins and outs of plumbing, gas fittings and/or electrical connections depending on the type of hot water system you choose. There are dangers and precautions when working on those. It will also take some time to familiarise yourself how they work.

In addition, the replacement and new installation may require a major retrofitting and extensive plumbing and electrical work. It’s especially the case if you’re upgrading or shifting to a new system (e.g. tankless, on-demand, electrical, solar, heat pump). Replacing the hot water unit is not as simple as putting a new appliance in place and plugging it in. There are additional tasks required and extensive connections to install.

It’s also important to choose the optimal system and unit for your requirements. For instance, the chosen hot water capacity might not be enough especially during peak use. Also, there’s that trend of going solar and environment-friendly. However, the sunlight in your area might not be enough or there’s no good area for the solar panels and roof-mounted water tank to be installed. Gas-boosted solar units or going full gas might be more recommended.

There’s also that concern about costs and efficiency. For example, heat pumps cost more upfront and in the long term because of the higher maintenance costs (mainly because of several moving parts). Electric hot water systems may be the cheapest but the running costs are high (electricity costs are not getting any lower). Going tankless can be cost-efficient but retrofitting and new installation has higher costs than the conventional tank units.

It can be difficult or time-consuming to make the right choice. Here at NSW Hot Water we can assist you in making a practical choice as well as in maximising your gains and savings. We’ll also use our technical expertise to take care of the entire installation, repair and maintenance. Contact us today for more information.