Is a Gas Water Heater Better Than Electric?

13 / 09 / 2019

Almost half of water heaters in Australia are gas water heaters. They’re more cost-effective than the electric types because electricity costs are not getting any lower. Furthermore, our awareness about energy consumption and costs drive the decisions of households for choosing gas water heaters.

Is a gas water heater better than electric?

The more appropriate question might be: Is a gas water heater more economical than electric given your requirements and prevailing conditions? After all, we’ll be using the hot water every day for bathing, washing and other purposes. The operating costs will add up and as responsible consumers we want to get the best value out of our money.

However, there are other factors at play here aside from electricity and fuel costs. We first have to consider our access to such as energy sources. For instance, do you have access to reticulated natural gas (if none, you would need to use LPG). On the other hand, an electric water heater might be more practical especially if your area has access to renewable electricity (instead of grid electricity). There are also tariffs, grants, rebates and other incentives that best work for your area and current requirements.

Aside from current access and availability, the choice of water heater also depends on how much water your household is going to use on a regular basis. This in turn depends on how many people live in your residence and the usage patterns of hot water (e.g. what time of day, peak use, how many people need the hot water within the hour).

As you’ve noticed, figuring out if a gas water heater is better than the electric type is not a straightforward question. We also have to consider other factors aside from operating costs. Right now you have a complex decision to make when it comes to purchasing a hot water.

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