How to Make My Water Heater Last Longer?

17 / 07 / 2019

Timely maintenance and inspections can make your hot water last longer for a few more years. For instance, sediments, leaks and drips are making the water heater work harder which then increases energy costs, produces less hot water and damages the water heater’s components and parts.

It’s true there are times when we need to replace the old hot water with a more modern and energy-efficient unit. However, as much as possible we need to delay a new purchase as much as possible and get the most out of the equipment and appliances we buy. It’s especially true with hot water systems that have significant equipment and installation costs.

How long water heaters last?

Estimates could vary from five to 15 years and each passing year we should expect the water heater’s efficiency and performance to drop. As a result, in most cases hot water units that are more than 10 years old (whether frequently used or not) are replaced. Aside from the unit’s decreasing performance and the gradual corrosion in the tank and other parts, it’s often more attractive to buy a new hot water that’s more energy efficient and will give you peace of mind. That’s because old water heaters might fail anytime or are requiring more frequent repairs lately. In other words, we also prioritise reliability and we don’t want a failing hot water to disrupt our day.

Old water heaters might also have other bothersome issues such as rusty water, unusual noises and leaks around the unit. For instance, rusty water might have caused by the corroding tank or piping. Aside from the potential safety and health issues of rusty water, corrosion is a serious and costly problem. Instead of replacing the corroded tank, it could be more economical to replace the entire unit.

It’s a similar case with rumbling and unusual noises while the water heater is in operation. The unusual noises might be the result of the hardened sediment which can bring down the unit’s efficiency and cause a heavy wear on the metal tank. It takes time for the sediment to do significant damage but if maintenance was not done for a couple of years, the tank could get heavily damaged and the heating elements will wear out much faster.

Leaks and drips are also a serious problem because they waste both water and energy that could have been put to good use. The leaks might have been the result of fractures in the metal tank, the corrosion in either the tank or piping or rusting and loose connections in the fittings. Whichever is the case, it’s important to get the leaks fixed right away for safety and efficiency reasons.

Make my water heater last longer

Prompt action is the best way to make your water heater last longer and delay a new purchase as much as possible. An annual maintenance and inspection could help you save hundreds of dollars and minimise the inconvenience. And in case of hot water issues (e.g. leaks, lukewarm water, not enough hot water), it’s important to attend to them right away to prevent further damages and costlier problems.

Here at NSW Hot Water we can service your unit and pinpoint the problems requiring urgent attention. Aside from prolonging the unit’s lifetime, this is important in ensuring the water heater’s safety, reliability and performance. Contact us today and we can send a technician to your site right away.