How Solar Water Heaters Work?

07 / 12 / 2020

Instead of fully relying on gas or grid, efficient solar water heaters can gather up to 80% of their energy requirements from the sun. These systems work by transferring heat to water, directly or indirectly, and the water gets stored in a tank or immediately used (as in the case of tankless hot water).

How solar water heaters work

Because of free energy coming from the sun for most days of the year, it makes sense to take advantage of that. After all, water heating can take around 25% of your home’s total energy use. That number can get significantly lower if you have a solar unit in your house instead. Also, it’s a great way of helping the environment. There’s less fossil fuel to be burned and we further encourage the renewable energy sector to continue doing great work. They will gain more funds and incentives to manufacture and install more solar water heaters. There are also rebates and incentives from the government to encourage people to buy systems that use renewable energy. As a result, solar hot water units become more competitively priced. In addition, there are lengthy warranties for the parts and components of solar units (e.g. 5-year warranty on the cylinder and collector, 3 years parts supply and labour). This makes them more attractive and gives us peace of mind about their performance and costs.

Although the upfront and installation costs are higher, the long-term savings can still outweigh that. In addition, our lifestyles (including our choice of hot water system) reflect our values. Action indeed speaks louder than words especially when it comes to showing our commitment to sustainability. When we have a solar hot water unit, it clearly shows where our values are.

Whether it’s a system with a batch, flat plate or an evacuated tube (or one that works by active circulation or closed loop), the efficiency gains and environmental benefits are always significant. They all work by taking advantage of the free and readily available energy. Although there are still issues about solar energy availability (e.g. cloudy days, low efficiency of panels and solar units), the units can be easily supported or boosted by the gas or grid.

To maximise your gains and efficiency, you can contact us here at NSW Hot Water and enquire us about our solar water heaters. We’ll assist you in making the most practical choice that will satisfy your hot water requirements and save you money in the years to come.