How Do I Know If My Water Heater is Broken?

16 / 11 / 2021

If the water is not hot enough, there are leaks, you hear some weird noises from the system and the water smells bad, these are signs that your water heater already requires repair or replacement. It could be because of a problem with the tank, gas fitting, electrical components or even the water supply itself. It’s best to contact a professional for these problems to ensure safety and function.

Is my hot water already broken?

Quality water heaters often last up to 10 years while still having good efficiency and performance. But damages and problems can still happen way before 10 years because of the problem with the system itself as well as its electrical and plumbing connections. These problems happen maybe because of lack of maintenance, natural wear and tear or defective parts (which might still be covered by the warranty).

Some don’t wait for 10 years before replacing their hot water, especially if they prioritise energy efficiency and costs. That’s because as the years pass, the system’s efficiency declines and this results in higher energy bills. Note that 20 per cent of your monthly energy consumption might be coming from your hot water use.

There are some who replace their tank water heater with a tankless one (instantaneous, continuous flow, on-demand). There are also those who want a solar-powered unit to save on energy bills and take advantage of free energy from the sun. It’s especially the case when their old water heater is already running for five years or more (or when the hot water has already gone through a few or several repairs recently).

If there’s an alarming problem with your hot water, contact a professional right away. In most cases the problem can still be solved and this will help you save money (and more importantly, ensure your safety). This way, you can still keep your existing water heater and get more value from it for more years to come.