How Do I Choose a Heat Pump Water Heater? 

19 / 08 / 2022

To choose the right heat pump water heater for your home, you should consider the following: 

  • Your area’s climate 
  • Your household’s hot water requirements 
  • Electricity tariffs and rates in your area 

About climate 

Before buying a heat pump hot water, you should first consider your area’s climate. That’s because in general heat pumps work most efficiently in warmer climates. Heat pumps need the heat from their surroundings to get the water hot (they draw in the heat and use that to raise the water’s temperature). 

There are some heat pumps that work well in cold climates. However, they may need frost protection to keep their function and reliability. To know this for sure and which heat pump water heater to choose depending on your climate, you should ask a hot water professional. 

Your household’s hot water requirements 

To choose the right size of hot water, here’s a rough guide (it’s still best to consult a professional you can make a smart choice): 

Less than 200L 

  • With 1 or 2 people in the household 
  • Mostly good for small houses and apartments 
  • 1 bathroom (if there are 2 bathrooms, simultaneous use of hot water might not meet your requirements) 

200L to 300L 

  • Good for households with a maximum of 3 people 
  • Average-sized house 
  • 1 bathroom 

More than 300L 

  • Good for at least 4 people 
  • Large house with 2 or more bathrooms 

Those are just rough estimates because it still depends on how often you need the hot water and if there are two or more people using it at the same time. If the hot water you chose is too big, you will be wasting valuable energy (and pay higher bills as a result). On the other hand, if you chose one lower than your requirements, the water coming out might not be hot enough or the water heater will work harder to give you what you need. 

For more information about heat pump water heaters, you can consult us here at NSW Hot Water. You’ll benefit from our deep knowledge and expertise in different brands of hot water systems (including Rheem, Dux and Rinnai).