Gas VS Electric Hot Water Heaters

30 / 01 / 2021

It is not often that one finds themselves searching for gas vs electric hot water heater solutions, except in the instance that your current system breaks down or you move into a new house. Without a hot water heater, you are bound to live an uncomfortable life marked by cold showers and cold tea until the system is repaired or replaced. If you are replacing your system or buying one for the first time, it pays to know which options are best suited to your situation. Heating water takes up 14-18% of our electricity bill, so choosing the right heater is important to optimising your investment and keeping costs under control.

Standard water heaters use a gas flame or electric heating element to heat your water. Depending on the cost of utilities in your area, gas heaters are generally more affordable to run than electric heaters. However, gas heaters cost more upfront than electric heaters. Despite this, they will generally pay off the difference in purchase price within about a year of operating.

Water Heater Price

The price of a gas heater will generally be between $300 and $500, with installation costing an additional $700 to $2000. An electric heater will generally cost $200 to $500 with installation costing the same as a gas water heater.

Gas VS Electric Water Heaters: Efficiency

Price aside, gas water heaters are generally more efficient than electric water heaters. They will burn more consistently and heat up water faster than is possible with an electric heating element. Electric heaters by comparison require a lot of energy to run and are relatively inefficient. Even with Government tariffs in place to subsidise expenditure in off-peak hours, electric hot water heaters tend to accumulate costs via utility bills very quickly.

Since gas hot water heaters do not need a storage tank, the actual systems are also smaller, especially the tankless instant gas water heaters available at NSW Hot Water. Because they are smaller, they do not need to run as often. The gas burner heats up the water contained in the storage tank very quickly, so it is not necessary to heat up a large volume of water in storage for use later as is the case with an electric water heater.

Gas and Electric Water Heaters Installation

The system that is more appropriate for your home will depend on the lines installed at your property. Switching from electric to gas will require installation of gas lines which will contribute to the overall expense of your new water heater.

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