Does My House Need More Than One Water Heater?

15 / 10 / 2019

It’s a question of whether a single hot water system is already enough to supply your entire household’s needs even during peak use. For example, a small gas storage or a continuous flow system (instantaneous) is already enough for a small household with just one or two persons. For medium-sized households (3 or 4 people), gas systems or heat pumps are often recommended. For large households (with 5 or more occupants), two or more gas storage hot water systems are recommended due to cost considerations (gas systems are still the most reliable and cost-effective, many households also consider heat pumps).

Does my house need more than one water heater?

Aside from household size, it’s also important to consider the usage patterns in your household. For example, are 3 or more persons taking the shower simultaneously and all of them are during the mornings or evenings (e.g. when everyone’s going to work or school)? Even if there’s just 1 or 2 people in your home, do you often take long showers? Do you use a dishwasher and need the hot water for laundry and other purposes?

For a rough approximation, you might need 50 litres of hot water each day. This number gives you an idea of which water heater you should buy. As mentioned, it’s just a rough estimation and it’s recommended to consult a hot water specialist to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. After all, you can always install multiple hot water systems but is this practical? What if a single system is already enough for your daily hot water requirements?

Another consideration is which type of water heater should you choose (continuous or storage type, electric or gas). Continuous flow (instantaneous) or on-demand water heaters are becoming popular because of minimal heat loss. However, during peak use a single continuous flow system might not be enough to meet the needs of two or more users simultaneously. Multiple units (or plus a heat pump) might be required or a storage type might be installed instead. When it comes to choosing between electric or gas systems, the latter often gets the preference because of cost savings (i.e. electricity is not getting any cheaper). However, this is subject to fuel availability and the cost might differ in your area plus there could be incentives or rebates in choosing a particular system.

There are several considerations and it’s important to weigh the options carefully because you’ll be using the hot water system for many years to come. The operating costs can add up quickly which is why it’s crucial to choose a system or multiple units that will meet your requirements while also giving the best value for your money. For assistance in such matters, you can contact us here at NSW Hot Water and one of our specialists will provide you with technical and competent advice.